Visitor Stories

Claire Howard

"Eureka! will always be close to my heart; it has had such an impact on my life."

Claire and Scoot dancing

I first did my work experience there at just 15 and later when old enough, applied for a job as an Enabler. I worked at Eureka! over a 10 year period as a weekend & full-time Enabler and later, the Retail Team Leader.
The most special thing about the place is indeed the people, "the team" as Eureka! attracts fun, friendly and outgoing people who remain in your life beyond the museum doors. Some of my closest friends were made there and remain in my life today.
Any role at Eureka! has a fun element with lots of antics taking place both in the museum and behind the scenes in the offices - where the creativity begins! Of course the job included the day to day office tasks but these could be hijacked at any moment by Santa and his elves looking for more presents or a crazed pirate searching for the best story to read in the museum! Of course, one of my regular duties was to try on any new costumes that arrived for shows/events...just to make sure they looked the part of course 😉
As a Team Leader, interviews were always an interesting occurrence as we asked applicants to entertain us as though we were children. This led to some rather interesting activities taking place in your (not so average) office meeting personal favourite and personally most embarrassing being "the dance of the goat"...I'll leave that to your imagination!
Eureka! creates fun and laughter for its visitors but also for its staff and since I'm expecting my first baby in a couple of weeks, I am so excited to get my annual pass so I can be part of this experience again but this time, as a regular visitor!