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Eureka! has encouraged curiosity in youngsters for decades. We're big fans of that! Building curiosity quite literally aids good self-esteem.

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In 2013, Nadia Mendoza and Grace Barrett founded The Self-Esteem Team. Since then, they have worked with tens of thousands of young people, written a book approved by doctors and added to their ever-growing team of educators. As soon as we clapped eyes on these colourful warriors for mental health, we knew we had to get them on board.

Grace, Nadz and the team continue to tirelessly tour the UK’s schools, in their bid to equip young people with tools to navigate their mental health, manage the relationship with their bodies, and build self-esteem. They are proud to have launched their new primary programme (fronted by the infectiously bubbly Maz), and also now offer a range of topics, including anti-bullying, male body image and social media education.

You may have spotted Grace in the museum leading workshops with our visitors. As we obviously believe in supporting young people (and parents) navigate the world around them positively, we hope you will see a lot more of this amazing team at Eureka!

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