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To have a happy fulfilled life - whether you're 20, 50, 100 - playing's really important for health and happiness.

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We first met Martyn when he came to Eureka! to film an Access All Areas Video. Martyn has a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  However, he doesn’t let this get in the way of his globe-trotting or campaigning for equality for disabled people.

Martyn is a published author of ‘Everything is Possible‘ (about his travels), a professional speaker, social media consultant, and previously worked as a product development executive at the disability charity Scope. Since university Martyn has become an influential voice in the world of disability, media and travel. Mostly through his pioneering use of social media and e-campaigning.

He runs Disability Horizons, the UK’s fastest-growing disability lifestyle publication. Having launched in 2011, Disability Horizons publishes articles on a wide variety of topics. All articles are sourced directly from its reader community, making Disability Horizons a lifestyle publication about disabled people, for disabled people. Articles span topics from technology, relationships, sports, employment and travel. Disability Horizons was founded with Srin Madipalli who also has SMA.

The two also set up Accomable – an accessible travel website. It lists accessible accommodation around the world.

He regularly appears on TV and radio and writes for a variety of publications.

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